Anti-Creo-Soot Liquid – 1 Gallon


  • Attacks Dangerous Creosote & Soot
  • Helps Prevent Chimney Fires
  • Chimneys Clean Easier
  • Reduces Odors & Pollution
  • Reduces Corrosion In Metal & Masonry Chimneys
  • Safe For Use With Catalytic Combustors
  • Non-Toxic & Easy To Use


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ACS attacks dangerous creosote and soot, helps prevent chimney fires, and makes the chimney easier to clean. It’s safe for use with catalytic combustors. 1 gallon refill container

Anti-Creo-Soot (ACS) is a non-toxic and environmentally safe liquid manganese catalyst that attacks and destroys dangerous creosote and soot. Learn how to remove creosote in chimney flues and fireplaces. When sprayed daily into the firebox during low fire conditions, ACS creosote remover helps convert creosote and soot to a harmless ash or char that can be easily removed.

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SKU: 119191